You may be wondering why I decided on the title I chose. Well about 2 months ago I decided to become a runner. I am a very slow runner, otherwise known in the running world as a turtle. I am determined to become faster and maybe someday become a racer. Therefore, I chose breaks out of her shell. Join me on my journey. As this turtle breaks out of her shell.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Samantha and Wesley wanted me to post pictures of them swimming at the YMCA. We love to go swimming especially when the weather is warm!!!

Spring Has Sprung!!!! I took some pictures of some of the creatures (feathered and slimy) that have showed up at our house. The above picture is a baby bird. We've been watching the eggs for quite awhile and they have finally hatched.

This is a picture of a toad I found out in our building. Samantha and Wesley have been waiting all winter for a toad. His name is Big Bubba. He is HUGE!!!! They have been feeding him caterpillars!!!


Bonnie said...

It looks like a lot of fun. I hope we can go to the ymca when you come. Love, Bonnie

Angie said...

I am thinking about joining the rec center this summer the kids will love it we have park day that the homeschoolers keep going on through the summer to keep in touch with each other there is actually only a handful of moms and kids who actually go every week well that would be a great time to be able to take advantage of rec. center.

P.S. I Love Spring!!! neat pictures

Breanna said...

Sprig is awsome! Even though it is freezing here during those days! On the occasional days that it is warmish, I spend more time outside then I do during the summer. Because the mosquitoes will eat you alive!