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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Waiting for Court

Today I had to go to court because I got a ticket for my inspection sticker being expired. For those of you who have never been( and I hope you never have to), I will give you a brief description. When you first get there you have to stand in line outside the courthouse and wait to be let in, then you have to go through a metal detector, and they have to look in your purse (Thank goodness I cleaned my purse today(: !!!!). Then you have to stand in a line to get in the courtroom, while you are standing there you start to notice all the different people around you, how they look, their body language, as well as their face language. Some are very quiet and sad, some act like they have had one too many, some are friendly and dressed nice, some are friendly and dressed not so nice, and some act like they are in shock, like what am I doing here? I think the latter one was me, because I have never been to court before. I started talking to the lady in front of me and the gentleman behind me and they are telling me why they are there. Finally, you are in the courtroom and you notice the lawyers to the side and the Judge at the front. As you wait your turn, you once again notice how people are responding as they get to the front. You are asked your name, the Judge looks it up and then asks if you would like to plead guilty, postpone your judgement for a few more weeks, or he simply looks at you and says you are free to go (like me!!!). As I was sitting there waiting for my turn I realized this is how heaven is probably going to be. You will see all kinds of people waiting to be judged, you may even talk to someone in front of you or in back of you. You will see Satan waiting for those who would not accept Christ, and Christ waiting for those who did accept him. Just like the lawyers he may try to plead your case, but it will be too late for some and their will be no continuance. The anticipation of waiting your turn. But oh the joy when God says to you , "You are free to go!!!" I expect I will feel like I did today relief, but I will feel something so much more JOY!!!! I will tell you the truth I was dreading today, but I think God used it as a teaching lesson for me. One day we too will be judged, will God sentence us to an eternal sentence of Hell or of Heaven. Will you feel relief and joy or horror beyond belief. This is something to think on for today!!!!

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Bonnie said...

What a neat analogy. Why don't you come and teach the boys writing. Ha, Ha. Love, Bonnie