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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Belated Easter!!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!! We had a pretty good Easter!! Here are some photos of the kids.

The computer genius doing his favorite thing!!

The champion muscle man in a rare photo op!!

My gorgeous diva in her Easter dress

My beautiful princess also in her Easter dress!!

The princess, the diva and Mr. Buddy Bigglesworth

     Okay now I am done bragging :)!! Our Easter was pretty good. Actually, we celebrated our Easter early since my hard working hero in blue had to back at work on Easter. No rest for the men in blue. Anyway, our Easter weekend was full of exercise and over-indulging. Friday, since our gym was closed for the Easter weekend; we decided to go hiking. This is the place we chose:
This is a picture from the bottom
And a picture from the top!! (Not my pictures)

The name of this gorgeous place is Hanging Rock National Park. And we (the whole family) hiked all the way to the top. It is only about 3.5 miles, but this included a lot of steps. I told the hero in blue that I felt like I had done at least a  thousand,  hundred squats going up. It was gorgeous though once we got to the top. We actually we went back down, and went back up with the kids. Since, the hero in blue was seeing how fast we could do it. On our real   way back down, we passed a man and woman running the whole thing. I know 3.5 doesn't seem hard, but you should have seen the hills and steps. I was in awe and dumbstruck by their dedication. 

     Saturday, we decided to go to a park close by our house and play some softball and putt putt. This day I really started the indulging of the Easter treats!!:) Our first stop before the park was at Mickey D's (otherwise known as McDonalds). The computer genius wanted to share a 20 piece Mcnugget and fry. So, being the loving mother that I am, I quickly agreed. We didn't finish it, so we shared with the muscleman. We get to the park and my loving mother-in-law brought a coconut cream pie. Let me tell you I am a pie fanatic. I love it!! So, of course being the loving daughter-in-law that I am, I had to have a piece. I didn't play softball, but I knew the park had a walking trail that was a mile. So, the hero in blue and I did it twice. He wanted to do it one more time but my legs were killing me from the hike the day before.
     Sunday, we had Lasagna and Chicken Alfredo. I ate the Chicken Alfredo for lunch and supper. I went on a short walk with the diva and princess. I really wanted to do a longer walk but we all got really sleepy, possibly from all the carbs?

     Today, the hero in blue and I went on a run. More on the later since this is a really long blog.

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