You may be wondering why I decided on the title I chose. Well about 2 months ago I decided to become a runner. I am a very slow runner, otherwise known in the running world as a turtle. I am determined to become faster and maybe someday become a racer. Therefore, I chose breaks out of her shell. Join me on my journey. As this turtle breaks out of her shell.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday started off with a big bang!!! I fell down my stairs on my booty.

I was so mad!!! My kids all came running, wanting to know if I was ok. I got up went in the kitchen and started crying. My son Luke wanted to know how I fell down the steps in running shoes. Well, I will tell you how that happened. I decided last week that I was not losing weight quickly enough. So I decided to change things up. My plan was a protein shake in the morning, a protein shake in the afternoon, and a sensible supper. My shake included fruit, protein mix, fiber and that was it. I could have a snack 2 hrs after drinking this shake, something like a protein bar or yogurt. The first week I did fine. I took Saturday and Sunday off. Then Monday I went back to my plan. Well, Monday at my workout I noticed I was feeling a little off during my run. But I figured that was because I did strength training first. WRONG!!! I woke up yesterday sore and in a fog. I waited way too long to drink my shake. Let me just say something right here, I agree with all the experts out there, You should eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. So, back to my story I was already nervous, shaking, and hungry. I went upstairs to get the kids up for school, argued with Samantha for a minute about her cleaning her room, came down angry and BOOM slipped and fell right on my booty.

I was in such a fog, I couldn't even stop myself. Thank goodness I wasn't hurt worse than I was. I only have a bruise the size of Montana on my butt. A lesson to everyone out there if you are thinking about extreme diet measures, and adding working out to it. DON'T!!!! You just might end up at the bottom of your stairs!!! And by the way I had a sensible breakfast today: Oatmeal with peanut butter powder and cocoa, a chobani yogurt with pineapple. Off to do my run!!! Have a fall-free day!!! LOL 


Bonnie said...

I am really liking your blog. I think your problem is that you might need to add a little carbs. Your brain does not do well without it.

Jamie said...

I think your right. The next day I ate oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast and I felt so much better!!