You may be wondering why I decided on the title I chose. Well about 2 months ago I decided to become a runner. I am a very slow runner, otherwise known in the running world as a turtle. I am determined to become faster and maybe someday become a racer. Therefore, I chose breaks out of her shell. Join me on my journey. As this turtle breaks out of her shell.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I woke up this morning to take the kids to church and I heard a strange noise outside..... SLEET!! I couldn't believe it. Yesterday it was pretty warm, around 59 degrees. Then later after I took the kids to church, I looked outside to an unbelievable sight... SNOW!!! I have been praying for snow all winter. I love a gorgeous snow fall. In other news (LOL) I had a fairly great week of running and weight lifting. Luke had me do all kinds of different workouts with the weights. He is very good at changing things up!! I told him he will be one of the trainers on the Biggest Loser Someday. He may be only seventeen (and a mama does like to brag) but man oh man ( as my dad would say) that boy knows how to train somebody. He has a God given talent, not only with training but also with his power-lifting. After all he does hold several APF titles. But I can tell you with Luke training, I never am bored. Running is coming along very well. I can now run 1.20 miles without stopping. I can actually feel myself getting stronger every time I run. I usually run on the treadmill since it has been so cold. But Friday it was very pretty outside. So I asked Anthony if he would like to run outside instead. He wanted to walk but I kept nagging and he ended up running. He let me start the pace at first but then he took over. And he KICKED my butt. The above image shows how I looked after we were done. But I do have to give him credit because I would have never ran if it wasn't for him. He challenges me everytime to do the best. I feel so good now from running and weight training. I feel like this mama can do anything!! So besides being thankful for the beautiful snow God sent, I am thankful for Luke and Anthony.

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