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Friday, February 24, 2012


Today's post is about everybody's favorite thing COOKIES!!! I hate to disappoint you, but it is not about any regular cookies. These are actually healthy cookies. Yesterday I was in Walmart, and I seen free samples!! I don't know about you but I love free samples, especially anything sweet. :) Well this is what was being handed out.

They are called Praventia. At first after the lady told me all about how healthy they were and all the good things that were in them, I was a little afraid of what they would taste like. They come in two flavors Chocolate Chip and Ginger. Although I do love all things Chocolate, I really liked the Ginger the best. Here is a little information about these cookies that I copied from their website:

Praeventia products are made from carefully chosen ingredients. What sets Praeventia products apart is that they contain inulin (a prebioticdietary fibre coming from chicoree roots) and Wellmune WGP®.
What’s more, these products contain no trans fat and some of them are low in saturated fats. It is widely acknowledged that a balanced diet that is low is saturated and trans fats can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular (heart) disease. These products also contain a high proportion of whole grain oats, which are a soluble fiber that helps lower blood cholesterol—and keep heart healthy. Seventy percent cocoa dark chocolate has also been added to some varieties. It contains polyphenols (antioxydants), the health benefits of which are now obvious.
One pouch of Praeventia products provides 3 to 4 g of fiber, making it a source of dietary fiber that not only offers health benefits, but also helps you feel full when it is eaten as a snack (helping control your urges between meal times).

Suggestions from a nutritionist

Praeventia products go great with yogurt or probiotic juice. Prebiotics inulin and probiotics work together, which makes Praeventia products containing prebiotics dietary fibre accompanied by the likes of a probiotic yogurt the perfect combination!

Trans fat free and low in saturated fats

Praeventia products are the right choice
for anyone looking for a healthy snack
or dessert.
Individual servings of Praeventia products are perfect for your lunch box or sporting activities. They’re ideal for active people in a hurry!
It also goes without saying that these products are great desserts for anyone with an interest in their health.
Anick Jean, 
Dt.P. Nutritionist/Dietitian.

They come in a box and have 7 packages in them. There is a 140 calories, and 5g of fat in a pouch.They use Agave Sweetner, which I am loving because lately I have been hearing bad things about other low-cal sweetners. I love the fact that it has a natural probiotic in it. And they do taste great!! I couldn't stop my kids from eating them. Especially Wesley and he is my picky eater. So if you get a chance I would highly recommend trying these out. You can find them in the cookie aisle at Walmart. I think you will like them as much as I did!! 

Disclaimer: I was not paid by the company to review these I just thought they were so good and healthy. That anyone wanting to eat healthier would like to try these out.


Bonnie said...

How expensive are they? I haven't any here.

Jamie said...

They are about $2.98 a box. But they last you awhile. I eat just on package a day. They are great for a snack. They would be good to take with your medicine at night.

Justine said...

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